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6 Ways to Grill Corn

What’s the first veggie you think of when you think of a grill out? The first thing we think of is….CORN. Nothing better than some delicious buttery corn at a warm summer BBQ, right? So with all this time we’ve had on our hands, we tested out some corn cooking methods to share with you.


Method #1

Grilled with Husks (our personal favorite)

Wash your corn, then trim the silks off. Throw them on the grill, yes with husks still on, at high heat. Rotate for 15 minutes and serve. You’ll LOVE this one.

Method #2

Boiled in Salted Water (easiest)

Shuck and wash the corn, add to boiling salted water for 5 minutes. Easy, simple and delicious.

Method #3


No grill? No problem. Set your oven to 350 and add shucked corn directly on the oven racks for 35 minutes!

Method #4

Grilled in Foil

Wrap your shucked corn in foil, with a little butter. Add to high heat grill for 15 minutes.

Method #5

Air Fried

YES. We used the fan-favorite air fryer to make grilled corn with no grill. All you have to do is spray the base of your air fryer with avocado oil , add the shucked corn and spray with avocado oil and sprinkle some salt. Cook at 375 for 15 minutes, flipping halfway through.

Method #6 (least hyped)

Simple Grilled

Put your shucked corn directly on a high heat grill for 10 minutes. rotating often.

cooking corn on the grill